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For the purposes of the OECD Model Tax Convention, the term “permanent establishment” means a fixed place of business through which the business of an enterprise is wholly or partly carried on.

India vs Samsung Heavy Industries, July 2020, Supreme Court, Case No 12183 OF 2016

At issue was if the activities carried out by Samsung Heavy Industries’ Mumbai project office constituted a permanent establishment or if the activities were of a preparatory and auxiliary nature. The Indian Supreme Court decided in favor of Samsung Heavy Industries. Under the Tax Treaty, the condition for application of Article 5(1) of the Tax Treaty and there by constituting PE is that there should be a place ‘through which the business of an enterprise’ […]

India vs GE, December 2018, Delhi High Court, Case No 621/2017

GE is incorporated in and is a tax resident of the USA. It is engaged in the business of manufacture and offshore sale of highly sophisticated equipments such as gas turbine parts and subassemblies. GE sells its products offshore on a principal to principal basis to customers all over the world, including to customers located in India, whereby the title to the goods sold to Indian customers passes from it outside India. A liaison office […]

TPG2017 Preface paragraph 9

The main mechanisms for resolving issues that arise in the application of international tax principles to MNEs are contained in these bilateral treaties. The Articles that chiefly affect the taxation of MNEs are: Article 4, which defines residence; Articles 5 and 7, which determine the taxation of permanent establishments; Article 9, which relates to the taxation of the profits of associated enterprises and applies the arm’s length principle; Articles 10, 11, and 12, which determine […]

Spain vs Dell, June 2016, Supreme Court, Case No. 1475/2016

Dell Spain is part of a multinational group (Dell) that manufactures and sells computers. Dell Ireland, operates as distribution hub for most of Europe. Dell Ireland has appointed related entities to operate as its commissionaires in several countries; Dell Spain and Dell France are part of this commissionaire network. The group operates through a direct sales model and sales to private customers in Spain are conducted by Dell France, through a call centre and a […]

South Africa vs. AB LLC and BD Holdings LLC, May 2015, Tax Court, Case No: 13276

US companies, AB LLC and BD Holdings LLC, came to South Africa in 2007 to perform certain services for X, a company based in and operating from South Africa. To perform these services they concluded a contract with X. There only purpose for coming to South Africa was to perform the services and earn income or profits in terms of the contract. Having achieved this objective they left the country in 2008. Furthermore in 2009 […]