United Kingdom

    Corporate taxation

    The corporate tax rate in the UK is 19%.

      Special corporate tax incentives

      The UK is beeing investigated by the EU commission in relation to special tax rules related to financing transactions.
      The UK introduced a Patent Box scheme in 2013 taxing qualifying IP at 10%.

        Transfer pricing

        UK transfer pricing legislation incorporates a specific requirement that it be interpreted as “best secures consistency” with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines.
        Transfer pricing is since 2010 regulated in TIOPA 2010 (Part 4). The previous rules were contained in ICTA 1988, Schedule 28AA. The UK rules are widely drafted and are intended to cover almost every kind of transaction. Since 1 April 2004, the rules have applied to UK-to-UK transactions, and thin capitalisation rules have been brought wholly within the transfer pricing regime.