Corporate taxation

The corporate income tax rate of 21% is increased by (1) a municipal surcharge of up to 1.5% of the taxable profit and (2) a State surcharge of 3% on taxable profit between EUR 1.5M and EUR 7.5M; 5% on taxable profit between EUR 7.5M and EUR 35M; and, 7% on the part exceeding EUR35M. Small and medium enterprises may benefit from a reduced 17% CIT rate on the first EUR 15,000 of their taxable profit.

Corporate tax incentives

The Centro Internacional de Negocios de Madeira (Centre of International Business) regime.

Transfer pricing

Article 63, number 13 of the CIT code regulates transfer pricing. Any commercial transactions, including transactions or a series of transactions related to goods, rights, services or financial arrangements between a taxpayer and another entity with which it has special relations must be conducted as if they were independent entities carrying out comparable transactions.


Transfer Pricing Case Law

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