Corporate taxation

    The corporate tax rate is 29,5%. Different rates may apply to certain activities under special regimes. Mining companies are subject to a "Mining Royalty". Dividends paid by Peruvian companies to non-resident companies are taxed at 5% (6 .8% for 2015 and 2016) of the distributed amount.

      Transfer pricing

      Article 32-A(4) of the Income Tax Law establishes that market value, for transactions between related parties or made from, to or through countries or territories with low or zero taxation, shall be the prices and amount that would have been agreed with or between independent parties in comparable transactions, under the same or similar conditions. According to Article 32-A, subsection h) of the Income Tax Law, OECD TPG are used as source of interpretation, as long as they do not oppose to the provisions approved by that law.

      Transfer Pricing Case Law

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