Corporate taxation

    The corporate tax rate in Greece is 29%. All kinds of income derived by legal entities shall be considered income from business activity, taxed under said standard corporate income tax rate. Capital gains for corporations are also considered regular business income. Greek source income derived by foreign legal entities is taxed in Greece as income from business activity only in case they have a permanent establishment in Greece. WHT is imposed on dividend distributions, interest and royalties at the rates of 15%, 15% and 20%, respectively.

      Transfer pricing

      Transfer pricing regulations are contained within Articles 39 and 39A of L. 2238/1994. According to Article 39 of L.2238/1994, when purchase of products or service agreements are entered into between domestic enterprises or between a foreign and a domestic enterprise with financial terms different than those which would have been agreed between unrelated parties, the profits that would have been achieved and were not because of these terms are considered profit of that company without affecting the validity of its accounting books and records.

      Transfer Pricing Case Law

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